What should I expect from the IOI Weekend Melbourne Experience?

What should I expect from the IOI Weekend Melbourne Experience?

We have been writing posts about the theory behind the IOI Weekend, something we plan to continue right up to the event, but today I wanted to broaden the picture by describing the experience of IOI Weekend. Thanks to our venue sponsor New Era, we have an awesome space for the weekend, in North Melbourne with a short tram ride to the city circle trains, as well as ample parking out the front. We’ve engaged a number of speakers and mentors to help guide participants throughout the weekend, more announcements on this soon. We’ve taken what we and others have learnt about how successful learning and teaching innovation best happens and squeezed it into a powerful weekend experience of hands on learning.

The weekend is all about doing, while there is a fair bit of theory, only one of the activities is scheduled to take longer than 15 minutes. Short sharp 15 minute presentations that will provide teams with information of the process, but the learning doesn’t happen by listening, the learning happens by doing.

The doing and learning happens in teams. All participants will explore an new innovation idea in a team. You will work with this team throughout the weekend. That’s not to suggest that teams will be isolated from each other, there will be lots of opportunities for teams to share and test ideas on and with each other. In fact Friday night is all about getting to know the whole group and making connections, over drinks and nibbles, and a number of interesting activities.

Teams can pursue any learning and teaching innovation they chose. We don’t know what ideas teams will develop over the weekend. Maybe it will be ideas around authentic projects, game-based learning, maker movement, student voice, or something completely new, we don’t know, and that’s pretty exciting. What we do know is that teams will be taught a process to enable their ideas to be better realised, and taught how to identify and communicate the impact on student learning that drives the idea.

Teams will share and celebrate the results of their work. The IOI Weekend will conclude with every team sharing the results of their journey, their learning, and their ideas and plans for the future. This isn’t a competition, there are no prizes. Teams will be provided with feedback from a panel of experts, and from members of the other teams.

Hopefully this has given you a better understanding of the IOI Weekend experience. So, is IOI Weekend for you?

Experienced teachers should participate if they’re dissatisfied with their ability to adequately communicate why innovation in learning and teaching matters. The IOI Weekend provides a process to identify, justify, and measure the impact of their learning and teaching approach. As such, teachers who attend will be equipped to communicate more clearly the quality and impact of their innovative learning and teaching practice.

New teachers should participate if they lack confidence to adequately communicate why and how learning and teaching innovation is part of their role as a teacher. The IOI Weekend provides a process for developing, language for communicating, and a means for measuring the impact the impact of learning and teaching innovation. It will also equip you with some ideas of where to start, and connect you to a great group of similarly passionate educators.

School leaders should participate if they’re dissatisfied with their ability to adequately communicate the impact that learning and teaching innovation is making in their school. The IOI Weekend provides a process to identify, justify, and measure the impact of learning and teaching over time. School leaders seeking who attend will be better equipped to communicate, measure and report more clearly the impact that learning and teaching innovation is resulting in across their school, and make better decisions about future learning and teaching innovation opportunities.


A free fast paced three-hour taster on Friday night will provide you with a shorter experience of the IOI Weekend. This is a free event and will be held at:

May 15th 6PM – 9PM at New Era Melbourne
Level 2 141 Capel Street North Melbourne VIC 3051

Over three hours we will give you a taste the IOI Process highlighting:

  • IOI Pedagogical Quality Framework,
  • IOI Learner Development Profile,
  • the Modern Learning Canvas,
  • how pedagogical quality, effectiveness and capacity can be measured,
  • and get you on your way to develop an Innovation Thesis.

Please RSVP to if you intended to join us to help us with catering (light finger food and drinks.)

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