Modern learning strategies are at the heart of learning and teaching innovation

We often hear people, when talking about learning and teaching innovation, say something like, “focus on learning and teaching rather focussing on technology.” While technically a good sentiment, this can sometimes be misleading… could there be a risk that when we focus on what we already understand as good learning and teaching we close ourselves off to the possibilities of radically different forms of learning?

A better approach than focussing on technology or on teaching is to focus on how technology is redefining learning strategies. First we need to define learning strategies, to do this lets look at how people learn…

We all learn through experiences that confirm or contrast prior understanding which in turn leads to deeper knowledge, and learning is most effective when we are able to construct knowledge with others, while working on authentic problems where we are able to make meaningful decisions about our learning. 

Modern learning strategies can therefore be defined as strategies that use modern technologies to either help us construct knowledge with others, help us to solve complex problems, or help us make good learning decisions. If we simply started with how students currently construct knowledge currently in our schools and in our classrooms would it cause us to consider new collective knowledge construction that happens in communities like WordPress, Wikipedia or Stack Overflow? If we simply start with how students currently solve problems in our schools and classrooms would it cause us to consider how learners are remixing and reusing others content on YouTube, or repurposing others programs on GitHub or Scratch. If we simply start with what we know about how students currently make decisions in our schools and classrooms would it cause us to consider how communities of practice merge and intersect on Twitter and Facebook, and network conversation develops across blogs?

Understanding how modern learners are using new learning strategies for their own learning outside school is a powerful approach for teacher innovators to make sense of the new opportunities for school learning.

At the IOI Weekend teams will consider the new possibilities that modern learning strategies make possible for their classroom learning. 

A free fast paced three-hour taster on Friday night will provide you with a shorter experience of the IOI Weekend. This is a free event and will be held at:

May 15th 6PM – 9PM at New Era Melbourne
Level 2 141 Capel Street North Melbourne VIC 3051

Over three hours we will give you a taste the IOI Process highlighting:

  • IOI Pedagogical Quality Framework,
  • IOI Learner Development Profile,
  • the Modern Learning Canvas,
  • how pedagogical quality, effectiveness and capacity can be measured,
  • and get you on your way to develop an Innovation Thesis.

Please RSVP to if you intended to join us to help us with catering (light finger food and drinks.)

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